Not in All Probability

If you’re smart that doesn’t necessarily mean you’re good at sex, neither if you’re handsome. (Other general characteristics of this sort include: clever, witty, charming, intelligent, brilliant, genius, read-a-lot-of-books and also: player, bastard, bad-ass, smoker, alcoholic, risk-taker, hipster, rocker, casual, alternative, drug-user, athlete, vegetarian, atheist, liberal, anarchist, whatever.) You could be a 40-some-year-old jobless cross-eyed fat-ass with a minimal-length dick who has hair all over his body, but none on his head and enjoys watching television while comfortably seated in a no-way-to-ever-walk-again wheel-chair, eating hamburgers all day long, listening to shitty music, reading the fucking bible each evening through his old-fashioned 3.5-diopter glasses AND you’d still have a chance to occasionally get laid with a super top-model and make her squirt. Enough said for the theoretical values of PROBABILITY.


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