Spiders: A Repeating Theme in my Life

Peculiar spiders have entered my room again. And roam about in search of new exciting worlds. One is eating a fly, another walks onto the juicy cacti, wandering, sniffing around. Strange creatures are these spiders. They come and go with the weather, so predictable, and yet so mysterious and unseen.
Peculiar why?
The one – I thought – was the fly. But I looked up closer and saw his little body, a bit fluffy and with a tendency to grow bigger.
The other had seven legs, long and tiny like sticks and fourteen knees, clearly visible from a distance. What happened with his eight leg? I don’t know. Maybe he got crippled during childbirth or something, while exiting the egg probably, or in that ugly cobweb cacoon with many many little spiders in it, you could’ve seen it below leaves or small cavities in the rocks.
Spiders are mysterious. Why, the fuck, do they look like this?! Fascinating and repelling.


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