White Post

I was lying under a beautiful night sky full of stars. The view that lay before my eyes was enchanting. I saw several unknown objects falling down to Earth, leaving their burning traces through the shielding atmosphere. Sounds from all around the town were audible. The most common were dogs barking and others came from the engines of invisible cars. What were they barking about? Did they care for stars? I could hear their talk, but I could not understand it. I did hear the stars talk, as well. If only I could tune up to the right frequency. If enlightenment comes in a given moment and you realize its presence it won’t be sacred anymore, I think. People who treat small and ordinary things as sacred are truly blessed. For they see not the line between tomorrow and today, for they can accumulate the stars blinking conversation.
We are all trapped in Satan’s pit of fire with a giant snake that feeds on human flesh. What I know is that the snake’s scales are made of the skin of our planet’s amputated lungs and covered with true human faces. And its organism is completely dysfunctional, but yet organized. I presume the three basic structures on which it works are law system, religion and upmost stupidity. Another thing is that its head is full of demons. Yeah, and they are permanently attached to our thoughts. Isn’t that enough to freak you out? At this point, you would probably want to get rid of them. If so, you should know you are just shaking their bellies and they would start laughing. Oh, now you hear that sardonic laughter. It echoes in your brain and you start to think „Should I kill myself?“, „Am I going crazy?“. Most likely, yeah. But don’t do it. It would be a waste of time and, of course, a waste of money. Actually, it could be perspective and well paid off in future, but still, don’t do it. What if you are the most gorgeous creature on Earth? What if you have a talent? Well, go find it and stick as an infant to it, give a suck of inspiration to yourself. Watch. Learn. Practise. Practise. Practise. Invent. Perform. Keep learning.


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