I’m I, Act I: The Serpentine

I’m the serpent and the saint
A fractious one since my inception
I’m what you ain’t
The value of freedom
And the prison of wisdom
The paint of the seasons
The glory of reason
A gory redemption
Sanctuary of the moment
Triumph of a dying man.

I lay my thoughts before you
You slowly gulp my breath
Into the space between your lips
Thrills and streams of red
Screams and rivers of that same pulsing liquid in our veins
Burning head of a snake
The flame of desire has taken your soul
No desert can excuse the thirst
No water can satisfy the lust
And my tongue is dry
But inside it’s wet
A collision for completing
The turn of a game
That was part of a ritual
I bury myself deep into you!
I bury myself
I bury myself
I bury myself
And again, to the advent of a greatest eruption
And a whole town was buried down
Even before they were born
They were thrown out to the waste

Then you lit up a cigarette
„I don’t smoke“, I said


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