Parable of a Greenish Master

-Good day to you, master!
-A day of light. Indeed.
-Master, what is life?
-A progression life is, my son.
-What is a progression?
-Upon small details building. Imagine a stone… now look at the pyramid’s top. On what does it rest?
-On many fine carved stones.
-Do you mean that one needs superb discipline, as slave’s, in order to reach refinement?
-Discipline and organization one needs. Pain is in vain.
-Organization to what degree?
-Calm your passion. Soothe your desires. Careful you be to hurt not.
-But my passion often oversteps the norm…
-A norm for all one’s norm could never be.
-Then, it’s not a problem to do what I want whenever I want?
-Someone you could hurt.
-But if I don’t do it, I would suffer…
-That you suffer better it is.
-What if I just ignore the other person?
-Pay back ignorance does.
-But then I would have to talk about and do things I don’t want to. That is to say, I would have to lie to both myslef and the other person.
-A strong means for control word is, my son. And good for your conscience talking to the deaf is.
-When does it all end?
-The moment in silence you pass over.
-Exactly. Now, get fuckin’ outta here, my dear boy.
-Thank you, master, that’s just what I wanted.

The master smiled and nodded approvingly.


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