A Bitter End

It’s not about pleasure,
Love is about peace.
No delusions.
Pure understanding of two naked souls standing in front of each other.
The ultimate good becomes ultimate evil seen through the eyes of a blind man.
What do you believe in?
Just strip this shit out of your soul and speak!

Am I going to lose what I never had?
Or do I have what I’m about to lose?

And, by the way, FUCK YOU TOO!
And if I lose control I hope you burn in hell next to me!

Cliché after cliché, just like a classical tragedy.

However, it’s so close to the comedy.
And my life turns into one so often.
And my smile turns into a bilge well for my tears.
And you can laugh as much as you want, ’cause it’s funny.
And I like it.
And, no matter it seems I don’t care, I actually love it.


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